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VoiceOver Demos - Broadcast Production  


Welcome to Ed’s ChopShop! My name is Ed Cunningham, and no I’m not a car thief or a butcher… I’m a nationally broadcast television and radio voiceover actor living in Los Angeles.

I’ve been making a living at VO for 16 years, and along the way have helped lots of friends start their careers by cutting together their first voiceover demos. Now, I’m offering my demo-making services professionally.

I make one-minute voiceover demos for $800… That’s the deal. A professional voiceover demo made in a professional studio by someone who…

  • has daily interaction with the marketplace (i.e., recording sessions and auditions for national commercials every day).
  • knows what talent agents and broadcast producers are looking for (starting with the fact that your demo shouldn’t be longer than a minute!).
  • can create spots for your demo using actual/recently generated ad agency copy, music, and sound effects; thereby creating demo tracks that sound like your very latest VO jobs.
  • will take you through the process of analyzing copy, working on a microphone, and launching your new career.
  • will listen and direct your reads as much or as little as you want.

I love this work, and pride myself on maintaining a creative work environment that’s fun and relaxed. Take a few minutes to browse the ChopShop, and feel free to give me a call if you have any questions. You may be a pro looking to freshen up your demo, or you might be the greenest newbie that ever did dare to say, “I think I could do voiceover…” Either way, I’m looking forward to talking with you.


"Mine got me in over at VOX. They loved the demo... Nestled in his private studio in Valley Village, Ed treated me like a guest. He made sure I had copy that suited me and even guided me through the creation of some of my own so my voice really represents who I truly am. A lovely experience all around."

-- Dan Bakkedahl, Legit, Veep, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Heat, Observe and Report


"The expert advice and coaching Ed gave me was every bit as valuable as the amazing demo he put together. I was relatively new to VO, and he helped me gain the confidence to move my career forward. Shortly after my session with Ed, I landed a lead role on the Emmy Award winning Cartoon Network series The Regular Show."

-- William Salyers, the voice of Rigby in Emmy Award-winning Cartoon Network series The Regular Show; the voice of Sim in The Sims 3


"I can't say enough good things about producing with Ed. Well, I can say that my demo contributed to a VO booking working one on one with director Sam Raimi. Which then led to a supporting role in his upcoming Oz: The Great and Powerful."

-- Deborah Puette, NBC's Revolution, Ovation Nominated Actress in "Caught" (the longest running show in Los Angeles)