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VoiceOver Demos - Broadcast Production  


Welcome to Ed’s ChopShop! My name is Ed Cunningham, and I’m a nationally broadcast television and radio voiceover actor living in Los Angeles.

I’ve been making a living doing all types of VO for 20+ years, and along the way have helped hundreds of actors start their own voiceover careers, producing agency-approved demos that book work. Commercial, Animation, Promo, Trailer, Narration, Audio Book, Video Game, you name it!

I charge a flat fee of $800, and that includes a design consultation, recently generated industry copy that will be unique to your demo, a stress-free recording session, and a post production process that only ends when you say "final cut."

A professional voiceover demo made by someone who…

  • Has daily interaction with the marketplace (i.e. recording sessions and auditions for shows and commercials every day.)
  • Is rep'd by VOX in L.A. and NV Talent in Chicago.
  • Maintains contact with and receives referrals from WME, DPN, AVO, Abrams, CESD, TGMD, and more.
  • Strives to create a reel that sounds like clips from your latest VO jobs-- NOT generic demo tracks produced with stock music and sfx.
  • Will show you how to analyze copy, use a microphone, and how to launch your new career.
  • Will listen and direct your reads as much or as little as you want.

I love this work, and pride myself on maintaining a creative work environment that’s fun and relaxed. Take a few minutes to browse the ChopShop, and feel free to give me a call if you have any questions. You may be a pro looking to freshen up your demo, or you might be the greenest newbie that ever dared to say, “I think I could do voiceover.” Either way, I look forward to speaking with you.


"Mine got me in over at VOX. They loved the demo... Nestled in his private studio in Valley Village, Ed treated me like a guest. He made sure I had copy that suited me and even guided me through the creation of some of my own so my voice really represents who I truly am. A lovely experience all around."

-- Dan Bakkedahl, Life In Pieces; Legit; Veep; Heat; Observe and Report


"The expert advice and coaching Ed gave me was every bit as valuable as the amazing demo he put together. I was relatively new to VO, and he helped me gain the confidence to move my career forward. Shortly after my session with Ed, I landed a lead role on the Emmy Award winning Cartoon Network series The Regular Show."

-- William Salyers, Rigby on The Regular Show; Avengers Assemble; Justice League Action; and Sim in The Sims 3


"Ed was incredibly helpful to me even after the demo was cut. When I signed with my agent, her first question was, 'Who recorded that great demo?'"

-- Darrel Cherney, Westworld; Criminal Minds